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I’ll Take Two, Please

Having Twins?  Here are some suggestions to help you create your registry. To get you started, here is a word of advice based on my experience in creating a registry; Do your homework before you go!  Do some research on brands, styles, etc.  Walking into a baby superstore can be overwhelming.  Getting through one small […]

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Products that Pamper

The countdown has officially begun!  We are anticipating the arrival of baby girl #2 in three weeks.  I must admit that I do enjoy being pregnant…that is, up until the last month.  That’s right, the last month is the toughest and being pregnant {for me} no longer becomes enjoyable. At this point, I’m just too […]

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You know how there are girls that want to be teachers or doctors, or princesses? Well, I wanted to be a Mommy. I married my high school sweetheart just after college and we thought the prudent thing to do would be to wait a couple of years before we start a family. The goal was […]

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Kristina’s Update on Baby #2

In case you didn’t get the memo, Mike and I are expecting baby #2 and I promised I’d keep you up-to-date on the journey.  Since I last blogged about baby #2 in January a few things have changed.  For one, my belly has really GROWN!  Klarissa has also GROWN!  She’s such a big girl now; […]

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