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Getting the Hard Stains Out :: RGV Moms Blog

Getting Those Stains Out

As a momma to a very independent almost two year old toddler, I am no stranger to stained clothing. Every day begins with clean clothes, and then life happens! By the end of the day, my daughter’s clothes are stained with anything and everything. On good days, stains come out and on other days it […]

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Taking a Little “Me” Time

I remember the “old” me…Back in the old days, I used to have my hair trimmed every three to four months, I’d have a mani/pedi done every two weeks, I used to have my eyebrow waxed on the regular. Now, it’s a dress up day if my hair is actually down, it’s a miracle if […]

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I Just Want to Say: Mommy Purse

The other day I was at a birthday party.  It was in someone’s living room, so some mommies had congregated on the carpet with their babies.  One of the babies became fussy so I reached into my one gallon purse and pulled out some toys for them to play with.  One of the mommies commented, […]

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Celebrate Swimsuit Season

Shopping for a new swimsuit can be a pretty daunting task. After having two babies my body changed drastically!  With Nathan, my first born, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I read everything about anything on expecting mothers.  I felt somewhat prepared and so I ate healthy, exercised, and kept busy all nine months. I’m sure it helped, yet I […]

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Don’t Forget to Dress Up!

One of my favorite hobbies growing up was playing dress up.  I really enjoyed putting outfits together.  This didn’t go so well with my mom, mainly because of my constant changing of outfits. It’s not that I couldn’t make up my mind on what to wear.  It’s that I wanted to show off my creativity and endless options. One of my […]

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